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Webbing Products is a major supplier and manufacturer of safety webbing, designed and developed to surpass stringent international requirements for fall prevention and protection, as well as recognised benchmarks for personal protection equipment. While made to enhance the safety of the user, the webbing also offers comfort and practicality.

Our safety webbing range includes:

Safety Harness Webbing | Tear Webbing


High quality materials from approved suppliers and superior manufacturing processes, along with vigorous in house testing and industry testing, ensure compliance to stringent quality standards and peace-of-mind for our customers. Comparative testing confirms the superior performance of our cure wrap tape and its performance criteria, when measured against the relevant requirements.

Accreditation: Webbing Products is ISO9001: 2015 certified, with its quality management system being key to producing high quality products for global supply.

Dekra ISO Quality Webbing

Safety Webbing Industry Uses

Safety Webbing Industry Uses

  • Construction,  Mining, Offshore Rigs etc
  • Aviation, Military (Parachutes)
  • Mine safety
  • Personnel riding system
  • Retrieval, rescue and emergency services
  • Industries where height safety is key
  • Controlled Descent Systems

Safety Harness Webbing

Webbing Products can provide the ideal safety webbing to suit any harness requirements. Harnesses using these webbings are easy to operate, comfortable to wear and provide the correct safety requirements for a safe and efficient work environment.

Safety Harness Webbing provides a suitable, practical and vital solution in the manufacture of body harnesses for personal protection applications, while working at heights or in dangerous situations, where fall prevention is a requirement.

Safety Harness Webbing Construction and materials

Our extensive range of Safety Harness Webbing is manufactured from ultra-high tenacity polyester yarns, utilising compact weave patterns to provide superior system strengths while remaining durable, versatile and easy to use.

  • Along with polyester, several speciality yarn types are also available for specialised end-user applications:
    • Polyamide
    • Kevlar®
    • Nomex®
  • Available in a wide range of colours to meet customer requirements

All Safety Harness Webbing supplied by Webbing Products exceed stringent international requirements and provides a high quality application for end-use applications including height safety, fall arrest systems and racing harnesses.

Superior Quality Safety Webbing, Safety Harness Webbing by Webbing Products

Safety Harness Webbing Features

  • Superior strength factors and quality
  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Low snagging
  • Ease of use,  freedom of movement

Safety Harness Webbing APPLICATIONS

  • Height safety and rescue
  • Fall arrest, restraint and protection
  • Work positioning
  • Parachutes and crash safety
  • Racing harnesses
Safety Harness Webbing and Tear Webbing Straps

Includes both Safety Harness and Tear Webbing.

Tear Webbing

The Webbing Products’ range of Tear Webbing lends itself to a variety of applications where shock needs to be absorbed in a controlled manner. The fall is not stopped abruptly, thus minimising injury – with gradual deceleration taking place as the progressive tearing of the webbing irreversibly absorbs the kinetic energy of the fall.

Tear webbing, often referred to as shock absorber webbing, is utilised in the manufacture of safety lanyards to reduce the forces sustained during a fall.

Tear Webbing Construction and materials

Our Tear Webbing’s superior strength and excellent elongation properties, provided by its unique design, ensure an ability to withstand high-impact pressure, preventing serious injury during a fall.

  • Tear webbing is made from two woven pieces, interwoven face-to-face along a partial length, to form an absorbing pocket
  • Generally manufactured from ultra-high tenacity polyester yarns, however several speciality yarn types are also available for specialised end-user applications:
    • Polyamide
    • Kevlar®
    • Nomex®
  • Specialised finishes provide additional performance characteristics:
    • Flame retardancy
    • Chemical resistance
    • Anti-static

Tear Webbing is only provided in natural colour.

High Quality Safety Tear Webbing by Webbing Products

Tear Webbing Features

  • Maximum energy absorption due to unique design
  • High tenacity yarns used
  • High strength factors
  • No rebound effect
  • Minimised injury due to reduced acceleration


  • Fall arrest and protection
  • Rescue
  • Work positioning