Powerite® Protective Sleeving has undergone extensive research and development to ensure it meets stringent international requirements and demonstrates performance that is a significant improvement on many current products available.
This product sets new standards in quality, safety and reliability for use in the protection of hose systems.


High quality materials and superior manufacturing processes allow for a world-class product performance which is supported by accreditation from MSHA and industry testing facilities. These materials and processes provide the product’s key properties of flame retardancy, electrical conductivity and high abrasion resistance. Comparative testing confirms the superior performance of the Powerite® Protective Sleeving and its performance criteria, when measured against the relevant specifications.

Accreditation: Webbing Products is ISO9001: 2015 certified, with its quality management system being key  to  producing high quality products for global supply. The Powerite® Protective Sleeving has also received MSHA approval, and has been vigorously tested at specialist industry test facilities to the highest global specifications.

Dekra ISO Quality Webbing

Protective Sleeve Webbing Industry Uses

Industry Uses

  • Hydraulic hose systems
  • Mining
  • Industrial hose and wire protection
  • Agriculture

Construction and materials

Powerite® Protective Sleeving is manufactured using twisted continuous polyamide yarn, which is tightly woven thereby providing the best strength, impact resistance and abrasion characteristics over other standard and texturised yarns.

  • The melting point of the polyamide utilised is 220°C; working temperatures range from -40°C to 100°C with peaks up to 120°C
  • UV resistant according to AS 1891
  • Powerite® Protective Sleeving is available in black as standard, while other colours can be manufactured to order
  • Personalised printing and branding is available upon request
  • An economical range of polyester protective sleeving is also available

Sleeving is packaged in rolls of 50m. Longer lengths are available on special order.


Protective Sleeve Webbing FEATURES

Protective Sleeve Webbing APPLICATIONS

  • Specifically designed for burst and pin hole protection
  • Any application that requires durable, reliable high-performing hose protection
  • Used in particularly in harsh environments
  • Approved for use in the mining sector