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Webbing Products has utilised its extensive expertise in product development to offer tailor-made products for use in underground mine netting systems. The netting systems are designed to prevent harm to miners by preventing rock falls, either through roof net or sidewall netting applications.

Key quality requirements and continuous product testing support the manufacture of these safety-critical webbing, to ensure compliance to stringent industry requirements. A zero-defect policy further provides customers with peace-of-mind when utilising the webbing within a netting system.


High quality materials and superior manufacturing processes ensure world-class product performance, which is supported by our ISO quality management system and industry testing facilities. This ensures continued adherence of the required specifications for mining webbing, with key performance characteristics of break strength, low elongation and flame retardance.

Accreditation: Webbing Products is ISO9001: 2015 certified, with its quality management system being key to producing high quality products for global supply.

Dekra ISO Quality Webbing

Mine Webbing Industry Uses

Mine Webbing Industry Uses

  • Mining
  • Mine Related Industries
  • Industrial Excavation
  • Cargo and Freight

Construction and materials

Ultra-high tenacity polyester yarns are utilised in proprietary manufacturing processes to ensure webbing meets the stringent safety-critical performance criteria within the mining industry.

These are specifically designed and engineered to meet our clients’ application requirements.

  • Low elongation measurements offered by the mining webbing further ensure the safety-critical aspects of the netting systems
  • The webbing is finished to customer requirements and can be printed for batch control and branding purposes
  • Working temperatures for the polyester webbing range from -40°C to 100°C

Specialised finishes are also available to further enhance working criteria of the webbing net

Mining Webbing FEATURES

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Break strength
  • Elongation
  • Flame retardancy
  • Colour and printing
  • Special finishes


  • Roof netting in mines
  • Sidewall netting applications
  • Industrial netting applications