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Webbing Products offers specialised manufacturing of high performance specification webbing for use within diverse military, naval and air force applications.

We have developed highly sought after applications for the military and related industries. We provide high quality webbing that conforms to the latest stringent international standards, and excellent customer service and reliability. Each product is designed exactly to the relevant specifications, mandatory legislation and end-user application applicable to the product.

Our military range includes:

Parachute Webbing | Belt Webbing | Tent Webbing | Backpack Webbing


High quality materials and superior manufacturing processes allow for a world-class product performance, which is supported by the company’s ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, vigorous in-house testing as well as industry testing facilities. This ensures compliance to stringent international quality standards and peace-of-mind to our customers. Comparative testing confirms the superior performance of the military webbing and its performance criteria when measured against the relevant specifications.

Accreditation: Webbing Products is ISO9001: 2015 certified, with its quality management system being key to producing high quality products for global supply.

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Military Webbing Industry Uses

Military Webbing Industry Uses

  • Military and Paratroopers
  • Maritime and Navy
  • Air Force
  • Camping equipment

Military Webbing General Construction and Materials

Our military webbing lines are manufactured from the highest quality materials. These lines share a number of key qualities, along with category-specific characteristics, in order to meet the exacting specifications and demands of a range of military applications.

  • These include water resistance as well as resistance to mould, rotting and certain chemical contaminants
  • Specialised finishes are available to enhance the inherent properties of the webbing or to add custom characteristics, such as flame retardancy, anti-static and Teflon coatings
  • Various colours are available, along with light-fast and UV properties
  • For category-specific specifications, please refer to the parachute, belt, backpack and tent webbing sections

Our webbing is normally supplied in 100m rolls with personalised printing and branding available upon request. Longer lengths are available to special order.

Military Webbing Parachute Webbing

Our parachute webbing is manufactured to military specification for the production of various safety-critical parachute applications.

Along with the general construction specifications, our parachute webbing also has superior abrasion resistance to support the longevity and safety-critical nature of the end-use application.

Military Webbing Belt Webbing

Our belt webbing is designed to withstand the daily abrasion associated with training activities or combat and is vigorously tested to exceed general standards.

A tight, coarse weave is used during manufacturing to ensure maximum strength capabilities while providing comfort and cosmetic appeal.

This versatile webbing is used in the production of various end-user applications, including:

  • Military, police, security and ceremonial belts
  • Rifle and shoulder straps
  • Parachute harnesses
  • Safety helmets etc.

Military Webbing Tent Webbing

Our range of tent webbing is manufactured from ultra-high tenacity polyester yarn, providing excellent UV stability under extreme weather conditions.

Key features of the tent webbing construction include the ability to repel water, sun and general weather conditions. The quick-drying nature of the tent webbing is a crucial requirement for all weather usability.

These features make our tent webbing the ideal solution for use in a number of outdoor applications, specifically for tents, gazebos and tarpaulins.

Military Webbing Backpack Webbing

Our backpack webbing is manufactured utilising ultra-high tenacity polyester, together with a pebble-weave pattern. This provides the ideal characteristics for the production of back packs.

The webbing conforms to the highest tensile strength requirements, while providing the added benefits of low elongation and shrinkage. Thus supporting the strict backpack specifications required for use in the following end-user applications:

  • Parachute packs
  • Military backpacks, army rucksacks , navy haversacks and air force knapsacks
  • Safety and training equipment

Military Webbing General Features

  • Low elongation and shrinkage
  • Superior strength factors
  • High abrasion and UV resistance
  • Low water absorption and chemical resistance
  • Quick drying and breathable material
  • Conforms to stringent specifications

Military Webbing General Applications

  • Multiple military applications that require critical specifications and high-quality webbing, including:
    • Parachute construction
    • Military belts, straps and helmet harnesses
    • Tent construction
    • Multiple military backpack variants