Our Powerite® Protective Sleeving undergoes vigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest exacting specifications for industrial applications and includes the following features and benefits:


The Powerite® protective sleeving is designed to disperse high pressure pin hole bursts or failure experienced by hydraulic hoses as well as to limit damage from such failures. The sleeving is designed to allow dispersed fluid to weep through the sleeving and the channel end clamps to prevent dangerous build-up of pressure and to visibly warn operators of a malfunction.

Powerite® protective sleeving has been subjected to pressures of 400 bar (5 800 Psi) from a 1mm jet of fluid while safely diffusing the fluid energy.It is important to note that the use of the correct sleeving size is critical to ensuring the correct fluid dispersal.


The combination of materials utilised, product design and tight weave provide the Powerite® protective sleeving with excellent abrasion resistance perfectly suited to protect hosing applications in harsh environments, while still allowing for ease of use given the flexible nature of the textile.

The Powerite® protective sleeving provides superior results and is tested to and conforms to the requirements of ISO 6945. When tested, the sleeving endured in excess of 150 000 cycles without perforation.

The Powerite® protective sleeving also experienced no loss of material when measured in terms of ISO 6805. ISO 6805 requires the sleeving to have achieved no loss of material greater than 1 gram when subjected to an applied load on the blade for 2 000 cycles.

When tested against the seat belt abrasion standard SAE J386, the Powerite® protective sleeving conformed to the test requirements after exceeding 75 000 cycles and maintains its excellent flame retardant and anti-static properties.


The Powerite® protective sleeving exceeds the performance levels required in terms of ISO 6805 when tested to ISO 8030 and self-extinguishes in less than 30 seconds.

It also meets the requirements of MDG41 for use in underground coal mines.

Powerite® protective sleeving has received Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approval for flame resistance. Approval numbers IC-319/1 and IC-319/2.


When tested in accordance with ISO 8031, the Powerite® protective sleeving achieves excellent results, well below one mega ohm per meter and as such provides an outstanding rationale for use within many applications, and specifically, within the underground coal mining industry.

Powerite® protective sleeving easily complies with both the requirements of ISO 6805 and MDG41, being less than two mega ohm and one mega ohm per meter respectively.

Be sure to view our in-house quality testing videos here.