Demonstrated protection offered by Webbing Products protective sleeving

Webbing Products have specifically developed the protective sleeving range to be used in various industrial hydraulic hose applications to ensure protection in the mining industry.

Our protective sleeving is designed to disperse high-pressure pin hole bursts or failures experienced by hydraulic hoses as well as to limit damage from such failures. The sleeving is designed to allow dispersed fluid to weep through the sleeving and the channel end clamps to prevent dangerous build-up of pressure and to visibly warn operators of a malfunction.

Webbing Products utilise two high-pressure tests, burst and pinhole, to support the quality of their hydraulic hose protective sleeving.

Webbing Products’ protective sleeving has been put to the test in a simulated high-pressure hydraulic hose failure, demonstrating the protection offered against damage from a burst or pinhole. Similarly, various competitor sleeving has also been tested with the Webbing Products’ protective sleeving far outperforming the competitor products.

Webbing Products’ protective sleeving has been subjected to pressures of 400 bar (5 800 Psi) and 700 bar (10 150 Psi) from a 1mm jet of fluid while safely diffusing the fluid energy. It is important to note that the use of the correct sleeving size is critical to ensuring the correct fluid dispersal